Who's Who of the OTA World

The travel industry is broad and complex when you look into how different companies relate to each other. In an effort to simplify this process, we created a map of the travel giants and how they relate to one another.  Stop feeling confused by the OTA world and find your center. Know which companies are the major influencers and where your focus has the greatest impact.

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The Breakdown

This map helps you navigate the OTA/Meta-Search world more easily by clarifying where relationships exist.


Who owns who

20+ Parent organizations

70+ Subsidiaries

21 Independent portals

While a majority of ownership falls into the big 3 (TripAdvisor, The Priceline Group, and Expedia.com), one should not discount those independent and smaller associations. Depending on your market, those portals could still be super influential - potentially more influential. 


OTA vs Meta-Search Engine

60+ OTA

10+ Meta-Search Engine

OTA (Online Travel Agencies) offer listings for hotels that you can book directly on their portal. OTAs often collect their own reviews for their bookings. 

Meta-Search Engines collect hotels and pricing from across the internet allowing users to compare prices and select the best choice.


Who do the giants own?

4 owned by The Priceline Group

14 owned by Expedia.com

12 owned by TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor, The Priceline Group, and Expedia are household names. Together the companies make up the majority of travel industry revenue.  But just because these giants own the majority, does not mean other OTAs and Meta-Searches are not relevant.